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13.01.2018 20:20

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Linda Ikeji Siblings >> Nigerian News Blogger

Interestingly, this societal expectation cuts across irrespective of the social or economic status. Marriage is not an achievement. There is so substantially additional to life than becoming someone’s wife. Get married please, but do not be pressured into it. I don’t know how quite a few of you single girls are beneath stress to get married but I am. Stress from loved ones, close friends and folks who just can’t thoughts their small business. The pressure is so intense suitable now I really feel like going to husband market place - if there is any such point- to get myself some breathing space. Give me a break you men and women. Chioma 'Chigul' Omeruah releases wonderful birthday photos.

In my opinion, the pressure is not a fabrication. It is incredibly true! After you have worn asoebi about a million occasions, you commence to wonder when it is going to be your turn to sell asoebi too! And when you aspect in mums and aunties regularly reminding you of the shelf life of girls. It gets to you, even if it is just a bit. People today may even suggest some extremely strange issues to you to do to ‘earn’ marriage. Nicely, I have come to realise that we let ourselves to be pressured. The decision to get married should really not be taken mainly because you are getting pressured, that could lead to a disaster. Don’t let everyone make you go into something you are not prepared for or your joy may well be shortlived. And to those mounting stress on others to go and get married, there is merely no justification for your behaviour.

Apr Guardian Woman

Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji Reports Wizkid to the Police

Oct 2016 Celebrity

She is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria

These communities bring me closer to my targeted niche. Using these communities as leverage, I can have a sneak preview into the minds of entrepreneurs to know the challenges they are facing at the moment. When you address the troubles of persons and offer them a solution, you draw them closer to oneself and make them loyal readers of your blog. This is where you develop the structure that will host your weblog this is where you place up the essential program that will property all your operations. Your weblog technique includes domain name registration, picking your hosting platform picking a weblog platform and setting up the weblog. This approach is similar to obtaining a place for your offline business, obtaining permits and buying your office equipment.

Now what is the best tiny company blogging platform? I don’t know. What I can guidance is that you opt for a weblog platform you fully grasp its technicalities. Seth Godin constructed a effective weblog on Typepad, Dave Lucas constructed a blog on blogger when Steve Pavlina built a profitable blog on WordPress. Accomplishment can be accomplished on any platform, just make sure you comprehend its ins and outs. Your operational techniques entails how you want to run your blog your general budget and the time you will allot to building the weblog. I also made a policy that I will run the weblog on lean spending budget until it begins to fend for itself and pay its bills. Now, my blog is run full time by my team.

That was my operational method and it worked for me due to the fact I planned it prior to even beginning this weblog. You want to start off a lucrative blog? How usually will you publish articles? How considerably time will you devote to you? How will you schedule your limited time to make confident each and every technique is effectively taken care off? This you need to program and sort out before even beginning a blog. Most persons have asked me why I disabled the comment module on this blog. Properly, it’s an operation tactics that operates inline with my all round technique concentration. I will rather concentrate my work on writing quality content material that yields outcome than waste my time moderating comments.

I have significantly less time so I chose to concentrate my efforts on items that matters most. That doesn’t mean you need to adhere to my measures discover an operational tactic that perform finest for you and stick to it. What is your income tactic? The root of this question boils down to why you want to commence a weblog. Are you developing a weblog for cash flow or capital gain? Are you constructing a weblog to hold or flip? Are you constructing a blog for earned, passive or portfolio revenue? These are queries you ought to answer mainly because they will decide how you produce revenue from your weblog they will determine your monetization technique.

I have noticed bloggers brag about how they make thousands of dollars from their blogs but most of them are only thriving on earned revenue meaning they make revenue by maintaining an on line job. If you stop writing, your revenue will drop since you are on earned earnings. I have also observed bloggers who generate complete income from their blogs with out even getting to run it. I take into account these folks accurate entrepreneurs. Even if they go on trip for a year their weblog income will preserve growing because it doesn’t rely on them. This is what I contact passive revenue and it’s what I’m concentrating on. There are two forms of bloggers these who build a enterprise and these who build a job, which one particular do you want to be. This you will have to answer if you want to commence a lucrative blog from scratch.
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